Awards of Excellence

Each year since 2013, the Québec Religious Héritage Council has recognized each year, through the Awards of Excellence, some outstanding achievements that reflect the commitment, innovation and passion of Quebecers for their religious heritage. Two award categories highlight the commitment of individuals to the promotion and enhancement of religious heritage. These people are essential actors in the ecosystem of safeguarding these cultural treasures.

2023' Edition
Applications will be received electronically only ( until May 19, 2023, 4:30 p.m.




Restauration projet of a building, a work of art or a pipe organ of the religion-based cultural heritage

2023' Form



Enhancement project of a site, a building, an object or an intangible element of the religion-based cultural heritage

2023' Form



Re-use project of a religious heritage building incorporating new functions

2023' Form



Professional involvement of an individual in promoting or safeguarding religious heritage in Quebec

2023' Form



Volunteer involvement of an individual for the promotion or safeguarding of the religious heritage in Quebec.

2023' Form


2022 winning projects

Photo Gallery 

Presentation of the winning projects 2022 (in French)

2021 winning projects

Presentation of the winning projects 2021 (in French)

Photo Gallery

2020' Winners

Watch the event (October 28, 2020)

Presentation of the winning projects 2020 (in French)

Photo Gallery

2019' Winners

Presentation of the winning projects 2019

Photo Gallery

Video clips:

2018' Winners

Presentation of the winning projects 2018

Photo Gallery

Video clips :

  • Restauration : Finis intérieurs - Église de La Visitation
  • Diffusion : Collections de Saint-Charles-Borromée
  • Reuse : Bibliothèque Félicité-Angers
  • Professional : Monsieur John Grew, C.M. 
  • Volunteer : Monsieur l'abée Laurier Farmer
  • Mention : Église Notre-Dame de l’Assomption d’Hébertville

2017 Winners

Presentation of the winning projects 2017

Photo Gallery

Video clips :

  • Restauration : Calvaire Albert-Mondou
  • Diffusion : Place publique éphémère « Espace Parvis »
  • Reuse : Centre d’archives Mrg-Antoine-Racine
  • Mention : Centre multifonctionnel Au clocher