Organ Committee (Part 2)

The Organ Committee brings together experts from Quebec’s major music schools. It is responsible for reviewing applications and recommending projects for heritage organ restoration. The committee members define the value and features of heritage organs, identify eligible work, and ensure that all restorations are in line with the rules of the art and the heritage value of the instrument.


  • Andréane Beloin
  • Paul Grimard
  • Dominique Lupien
  • Régis Rousseau
  • Benjamin Waterhouse
  • Martin Yelle
  • Leslie Young

Resource person:

Cameron Piper

Conference of the organist and expert of the Organ Committee, Mr. Benjamin Waterhouse, on the occasion of the 4th Forum on Religious Heritage, held on Thursday, November 5, 2015, in the Roland-Arpin Hall of the Museum of Civilization, Quebec.