Phase 1 of the restoration work on the Amos Cathedral has begun

News - June 19th, 2019
Photo : Radio-Canada / Mélanie Picard
Photo : Radio-Canada / Mélanie Picard

Scaffolding was installed to clean the masonry and concrete blocks of the building.

To date, donations and financial commitments total $ 1,625,000. The president of the Heritage Foundation of Amos Cathedral, Ghislain Roy, is delighted by the mobilization of citizens, businesses and various political partners.

"The involvement and awareness of people are very important. As we can see, people are aware that this historical and tourist monument must be preserved", he said.

The Canadian Malartic mine also announced a $ 50,000 investment for this restoration effort.

The general manager of the mine, Serge Blais, explains what his motives were.

"The foundation team came to meet us at the mine. They introduced us to the project, it was really solid, structured. It's a heritage building too. Everyone knows the building in the area, especially the people of Amos. We know that the cathedral will be 100 years old soon and participate in this so that it will be there for the next 100 years and give future generations this beautiful building, that's what touched us and that makes us have embarked on the project", said Blais.

Read Lise Millette's article on the Radio-Canada website.

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