Archives Committee

The purpose of the Archives Committee is to encourage representatives of communities and religious traditions to ensure the sustainability of their archives in order to guarantee the value of their testimony for future generations. The Archives Committee:     


  • Marc Lacasse - President     
  • Hélène Element - Vice President    
  • Josée Pomminville - Secretary     
  • Stéphanie Daigle
  • Simon Fortin-Dupuis
  • Cassandra Fortin
  • Marie Hoffmann
  • Mylène Laurendeau     
  • Stéphan Martel    
  • Jody Robinson
  • Éric Turcotte


The Archives Committee wishes to support document processing, presentation and preservation initiatives. To do this, based on its knowledge of the situation of religious archives in Quebec, the committee proposes the following objectives:     

  1. Promote religious archives by raising the awareness of the population and decision-makers of the importance of this heritage;     
  2. Support all initiatives originating from the field of religious archivists who contribute to fulfilling the mission set by the committee;    
  3. Promote exchanges between the various heritage stakeholders (archivists, art historians, architects, etc.);     
  4. To be a place of expertise in the management of archives in the eyes of religious institutions and communities;     
  5. Obtain support for the treatment, preservation and dissemination of religious archives.

For the years 2019 to 2021, the Committee's interventions will focus on the following objectives:   

  1. Promote religious archives     
  2. Play a leadership role in religious archives with heritage stakeholders     
  3. Exercise an advisory role and meet the expectations of the religious archives community.

Resource person:

Franck Calard

Archivist Marc Lacasse, Chair of the Committee, on the occasion of the 4th Forum on Religious Heritage, Thursday, November 5, 2015, at the Salle Roland-Arpin of the Museum of civilization, Quebec.