Institute of the Franciscan Missionnaries of Mary - Archives of the Province Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil

   80, av. Laurier est, Montréal, QC H2T 1E6

Monday to Friday, from 9 :30 am to 4 :30 pm, by appointment only.
Researchers must make an appointment in advance of all visits in order to ensure that the administrator or archivist is present.

Mother Mary of the Passion founded the Institute of the Missionary Franciscans of Mary in 1877 in Ootacamund, southern India. Since 1877 globally and 1892 in Canada, the faces may have changed but the mission continues, constantly reinventing itself. Today, almost 5,700 Franciscan Missionaries of Mary from 79 countries, are open to the universal mission, roaming like Saint Francis across 74 countries on five continents. Today as in days past, the Franciscan missionaries of Mary live in God’s love and express it in many ways: their force of life, passion, audacity, willingness to take risks, and commitment to justice and the good news of the gospel. It can take the form of a face, a word, a meeting, a dialogue, a presence, a hand held. The mission involves interrogation and questioning, risks and choices, peace and reconciliation, offerings and gifts, consecration and prayer, new life and hope. Today as in days past, we are devoted to the universal mission, ready to leave our homes or to stay there according to the mission’s call in order to announce the good news to everyone: especially to those to whom Christ has not revealed himself, those for whom the church is less present, and the poorest of the poor. (Const. 4)

The provincial archives are the official site of conservation of all fonds and collections, in whichever form, related to the origin, history, spirit, and growth of the institute in Canada, or which were created or received by Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil. According to the norms established by the general administration of the institute, two copies of all fonds and collections are conserved at the provincial archives and one copy is sent to the general archives. These fonds and collections include only elements classed into the greater categories of the institute’s classification plan: Vatican, Franciscan, Generalate, Provincialate, Local FMM, Individual FMM, Publications/Life FMM, Religious sphere, Society.

In addition to paper archives, we have audio/audio-visual archives including photos, films, slides, audio and video cassettes, CD, architectural drawings related to each sister’s ministry and the various works Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil. We also maintain the theses, books, journals, articles and writings by, about or containing historical information concerning members of Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil, as well as artifacts dealing with the institute’s life, activities and legacy in Canada.

Time span included within archives: 1877-today
Text documents: approx. 27 m.l.
Number of fonds: 5

The provincial archives of the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil (hereafter referred to as the Provincial Archives), constitutes the official site of conservation of all fonds concerning the origin, history, spirit, and growth of the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (hereafter referred to as the Institute) in Canada which were created or received by the Canadian province of Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil (hereafter referred to as Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil). The establishment of these historic and this management of fonds preserve the archives which represent both the specific goal of the institute, past and present and the works of its founder, Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil making them accessible to researchers/individuals and/or organizations according to the procedures approved by the current provincial superior and her council. The administrator of the provincial archives maintains and preserves the fonds and historical collections (inactive) of Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil and answers to the provincial superior in the capacity of this continued maintenance.