Benefit Concert for the organ of Saint-Zephirin's church

News - September 11th, 2019
Photo: Écho de La Tuque (Archives)
Photo: Écho de La Tuque (Archives)

The Casavant Frères organ, Opus 2719 (1962) from Saint-Zephirin Church, La Tuque, is an important instrument.

The CPRQ's organ committee recognizes it as one of the best balanced electropneumatic organs in Quebec. The unity of its design is remarkable and representative of the work of Lawrence Phelps, artistic director of Casavant Frères between 1958 and 1972.

It goes without saying that the instrument is eligible for the CPRQ Financial Assistance Program. However, the project of its restoration is not yet definitively listed on the calendar because no financial support has yet been granted to the project.

Never mind, the head of the committee for the restoration of the organ, André Dompierre, does not give up.

A fourth benefit concert is organized to finance the project. It will take place on Sunday, September 22nd. Organist Denis Alain Dion, from La Tuque, will showcase the instrument as he accompanies instrumentalists and singers. Take the opportunity to visit Haute-Mauricie!

As mentioned by Martin Yelle, organist and organ committee member:

This great instrument is exceptional in the region. It has 52 games and 4,300 pipes. The instrumental factor, Lawrence Phelps, brought a new lease of life to organbuilding in Quebec, particularly with this instrument and those of Saint-Martyrs-Canadiens' Church, in Quebec City and Notre-Dame-du-Cap Basilica, Trois-Rivières. Father Antoine Bouchard, a great organ teacher and organist, collaborated on the choices of the games and his sound composition.

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